How to choose an infrastructure tool

When an IT product evolves, there always comes a time when it becomes necessary to bring some new tool into it or replace the old one with something more suitable. While it seems that a lot of articles have been written on the topic of choosing tools, and there is nothing new to say, the question still remains relevant, in some places even sharp.

How to choose an infrastructure tool

Here are the most popular approaches:

  • Find something hype on the left road
  • Take something proven and reliable on the right road
  • Go straight ahead and use your favorite tool

They are good because you don't have to think when using them. You just take what you want - and that's it 😃 Well, if there is a need or a desire to approach the issue more seriously - welcome under the cut, we'll figure it out.

August 8, 2022
About 7 min
How did I use the Builder design pattern

There are many architectural patterns in the development world. Some of them we use every day, some - less often. Surely each of you has seen the Singleton and the Factory many times. Many of you have written them on your own. But when I first read about the Builder pattern, at first I did not understand in what situation it can be applied. What is completely ridiculous: I regularly used its implementation (QueryBuilder from the Yii framework), but my eye was so blurry that I could not match the name and functionality of this class and the corresponding design pattern 😂 Of course, after a while it dawned on me. And over more time, a situation was found in which the Builder pattern fit perfectly.

The Builder design pattern

July 18, 2022
About 2 min
The two class types for your project

The question of the area of responsibility of a particular class in a program architecture is no less important than architecture strategic planning. Today I will tell you how to make this job easier for yourself. We will solve a fairly large number of issues, leaving only two types of classes out of an infinite variety: DTO and Service. These types cover 90-99% of everything needed in any project. So, let's look at what they are, and why it's so good to leave only them.

The two class types for your project

June 17, 2022
About 5 min