Has IT-bubble burst?

January 10, 2023
About 2 min

A year ago, when I changed jobs, I didn’t even publish my resume. I acted like this from previous experience: every time opening a resume to the public, I had to communicate a lot with companies with which we obviously could not succeed. So I asked my friends what companies are currently looking for developers, knocked on a couple of doors and found a great place. Later, however, it turned out that we did not quite fit each other with this company, and I quit. I am sure that if I opened my resume, I would again, like a couple of years before, have to dig myself out of the responses of HRs. For me personally, things have changed a lot since then.



The article was written at the end of December, when I did not yet know what a stupid thing I did when publishing a resume. The conclusion made can be found at the end of the article. I publish it only now, because I had no time to polish the text for a long time.

My salary expectations remained at the same level, but after the publication of my resume on HeadHunter, not a single company wrote to me. Not a single response. I, to put it mildly, was surprised, and began to write responses myself. At the same time, I published my resume on other job boards. Not all companies, to whom I wrote, sent at least some kind of answer, some of them refused silently. With some, I had a dialogue for a while. I went through several interviews at all stages, but I was refused everywhere.

Only one company made a kind of gift for the new year in the form of an offer 😃 I went out with them after the New Year holidays in the Russian Federation.

At the same time, I improve my English in order to calmly communicate with potential employers from Europe and America. I suppose that I could try now, but it’s too scary: after several years of lack of practice in English, my level fell somewhere to B1.

Well, until I went out to a new employer, I decided to focus on project work, freelancing, and consulting other companies. I have quite a lot of experience: I not only wrote the code, but also participated in the formation and change of the processes of the IT departments of the companies in which I worked. I watched a lot of how well or poorly certain processes work in more advanced IT companies.


And here a question arises for the audience: do you get the impression that the IT bubble has burst, and it has become more difficult to find a job?

Post Scriptum and the sudden twist

When I already found a job, hh.ruopen in new window finally showed me a notification that only companies in Kazakhstan see my resume: after all, I honestly indicated Almaty in it. At the same time, I indicated the salary in RUB. With the ruble exchange rate, which has grown 1.5 times since the spring of 2022, this salary in terms of KZT was inadequately high, and I could not interest Kazakh companies. And the Russian ones just did not see my resume. In your opinion, was this the only problem I had, and is everything in order with hiring in IT and PHP, or has our bubble deflated? And is it a bubble at all? Let's discussopen in new window.